10 of the Best Winter Activities to do With Seniors

Winter is a time of joy and warmth, good cheer, and festive shenanigans. Above all else, it’s supposed to be a time of celebration and family. Unfortunately, it can alsot67g be a time of loneliness and isolation. This is especially true of seniors who have lost relatives or don’t see their relatives often. Wintertime can also be hard because of the potential safety hazards posed by the cold

While some extra precautions may be necessary, we want to make sure that the seniors in your life get to experience that holiday magic with the rest of us. That’s why we curated this list of the top ten winter activities that caregivers can do to help the seniors in their lives feel warm, jovial, and festive during the wintertime. To keep things well-rounded this list has senior activities that can be done indoors and outdoors.

1. Homemade Treats

Holiday baking is a beloved pastime that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but seniors, in particular, might enjoy some extra time in the kitchen because of the special memories they’ve made over the years. Perhaps they liked to help their parents and children make cookies, or they have a special family recipe but no one to share it with. If the seniors that you’re caring for aren’t able to safely handle kitchen equipment you can bake some holiday sweets on your own, and then decorate them together.

2. Light Yoga

Wintertime can also be very stressful, and yoga is proven to be effective in managing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. There are many different types of yoga, including gentle and light exercises that some seniors won’t find too taxing. While there’s nothing inherently ‘wintery’ about yoga it is a good way to stay active indoors. 

3. Encourage Visits

If the senior that you’re caring for has friends and family who are able to visit, try and facilitate a visit – maybe even make it a surprise! Put together something fun like a game night or a gift exchange. If no one is able to visit in person, set up virtual visits through video chat instead.

4. Knitting, Crocheting, and Sewing

Winter is the perfect time of year to make a new scarf, pair of socks, sweater, or blanket. Why not make one together? Needle craftwork is both physically and mentally engaging, which is always a bonus. These winter activities always yield something practical, which is nice for seniors who struggle with hoarding tendencies, and the end result creates a sense of accomplishment that seniors might not enjoy as often as they could when they were younger.

5. Scrapbooking

Winter is also perfect for scrapbooking because it’s a way to share precious memories together while creating new ones. Scrapbooking is one of the best senior activities that you can do together in general because it can help seniors with memory problems, and it keeps the creative muscle strong.

6. Tour the Neighborhood

Many neighborhoods like to go above and beyond with their decorations, and this can make for a fun car ride. Some even host tours and contests, so keep your eyes open for something in the area that you can explore together. Don’t forget to put up a few decorations of your own!

7. Winter Wonderland

While you’re at it, take some time to enjoy the natural scenery during wintertime. Just remember to keep the car warm and stay bundled up to keep seniors comfortable and safe during your adventures. Sometimes there’s nothing more breathtaking than snow-speckled trees, endless fields of white, and watching the gentle snowfall together. Even beaches can be a fun spot to check out in the winter – especially if they have a boardwalk.

8. Winter Business Attractions

Even if the neighbors aren’t going out of their way to get festive and colorful, plenty of businesses and other hotspots will. Many of these winter attractions have both indoor and outdoor activities that caregivers and seniors can enjoy together.

9. Build a Snowman

If you want to have some outdoor fun at home then there’s always the classic winter activities, like snowman building. It’s simple, doesn’t require a lot of energy or heavy lifting, and isn’t very time-consuming – that means less time spent out in the cold. If nothing else, you’ll have someone to give that newly made scarf and mittens to. 

10. Enjoy Hot Chocolate

End the day with a nice mug of hot cocoa to warm the body and soul. If seniors need to be careful about sugar intake there are plenty of sugarless alternatives that caregivers can look into. When all else fails, find out what their favorite flavor of tea is and brew enough for two.


Winter can be a challenging time for seniors and their families to navigate due to the cold weather and busy holiday season. Fortunately, Family Always First Home Care can provide caregivers with the resources they need. FAFHC can help ensure that hardworking caregivers are fairly compensated for their time and efforts. You can learn more here.

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