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COVID 19 Update: A Message from our CEO

At a time when we’re all staying home, Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program’s (CDPAP’s) may be the safest choice for your loved one. In general, home care is the fighting horse that keeps patients out of hospitals and nursing homes. While some have chosen to seek care in nursing homes where they have extremely limited access to their loved ones, the driving force of home care is alleviating the stress and worry of not seeing your mother, father, or grandmother for indefinite periods of time. Family Always First Home Health Care offers safe and comfortable solutions that allow you to social distance with your discharged family member and get paid at the same time! Having strangers care for loved ones in general is a bad idea. Without knowing their own plan of care and sometimes not even knowing the name of the person that’s caring for them, patients are at risk every day. In a time of crisis the patient and their families are at the mercy of the home health agency and ultimately have to go by their rules. Many times this can lead to a lapse in care. 

With Family Always First Home Health Care, the patient is in control. The care is consumer directed and the patient is informed with supportive documentation of a proper care plan. Additionally the patient is at will to hire and fire whichever caregiver they want. Being that no certification is required it can be a friend, relative, neighbor or anybody that the patient feels safe with. (With the exception of a spouse, designated rep, or a parent caring for a child under 21). When crisis hits the patient can remain in the care of their loved ones without any lapse in care. The patient is also safe from any home isolation, being that they won’t be with a total stranger. 

Many jobs and small businesses are unfortunately affected in a time of crisis, but Family Always First Home Health Care is here to assist in giving people the ability to get paid to care for their loved ones during social distancing.

Gary Blatter

CEO/Chief Executive Officer
Family Always First Home Care